.agarro.a___________________exactidão.das.linhas.no.ângulo.do.ar embriaguez.louca.quente________________ deixo cair______________________________________a fria razão________________[...]
.___________________começo onde a memória____________dói. BETTY MARTINS GALLERY


rigorous a looking tracing
can be in any place on earth
light follows my dash
I followed the rings of Saturn and its moons
a dizzying height
I go down my eyes to the world

nausea inadvertent

freefall and vertical
dramatically lost my sight
a tear falls into the sea and leaves
time pain
dying of chest shot
who indulges in fragments in the sand

so many. ________ .are so many!!

no longer know what they want
are no more than slits open wells
struggle with the truth of my imagination
induct the form of clock

hurts myself orbits
I want you
I love you
you can not! screams the world
I lost your voice
your smile
but you dwell in me
I travel without a plotted course
looking for vestiges of you

© Betty Branco Martins

[oil on canvas by Betty Branco Martins]

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